The life of a cuck – Journal update 2

In the days after the session, Mistress and I chatted a little bit over twitter. I was so thankful for her time and still couldnt believe how ridiculous the strap on play was, i was in a happy sub space for a number of days.

Mistress asked some more about my experience and if I would be ok to film some custom clips with her, which of course, I was privileged to do.

So shortly after my first session, I was back at the Essex dungeon to film custom clips with Mistress. I had done some filming before, but not for custom clips. This was a pretty mind blowing experience, as normally during a session or filming a scene, you build up to certain events, not for a custom clip though. 

So many kinks where covered in 30 mins, my head was all over the place, but it amazing to sample this with Mistress Lorraine and help her out.

Again, communication remained via twitter and our second session was booked – a 2 hour slot!

Mistress had just brought a new gas mask and popper administrating tool, she wanted to try this out on me. I have always loved poppers, but I had not used a machine like this before!

I arrived and as soon as Mistress opened the door, I was in heaven – she looked absolutely stunning, I was already hard and leaking! I was stripped naked and strapped to her bench (which sits on top of a cage) and Mistress placed the mask over my face. A few inhales later and i entered a high sub space, so weak, I would do anything to please Mistress.

As she run her nails over my body, playing with my nipples, teasing my cock it was clear to see I had found a truly superior goddess. A goddess who can take me away from the real world and let me experience kink the way it should be.

As the poppers wore off, I was informed Mistress loves needle play and she felt my nipples were perfect for it. So with another inhale, Mistress put 2 needles in each of my nipples.

As i lay there high and pierced, Mistress started to put on her harness and strap on cock – but she wasn’t letting me up, I remained strapped down. She then made me worship her cock orally – there I was, high, nipples tingling, cock leaking sucking on her wonderful cock.

As I was deep throating it, Mistress was saying that one day, when she is happy with my skills, i will be sucking on a real cock to please her! 

I was swapped over from her bench to her fucking ledge, nipples still with the needles in, with the exception of my left hand, I was strapped in and my legs chained in the air.

My left hand was kept free, as Mistress wanted me to top up on poppers. She then thumbed my arse – yes that’s right, thumbed my arse! She had a warm up toy, a small ish dildo that went on the end of her thumb. She warmed me up good and proper, then moved over to a bit bigger dildo before inserting her strap on in me.

Due to her warm up work, this sizable cock slide right in my tight hole! I wouldnt say it was the biggest i’ve had, but it was up there and only in our second session, Mistress had my hole taking it!

I was then fucked long and hard – with Mistress edging me, tweaking my nipples and telling me when to inhale some more poppers. It was insane, so many emotions and sexual vibes running through me. Mistress noticed that I produce a lot of pre cum, so she would stop fucking me from time to time, allowing me to get my breath back, but would then force feed me my pre cum.

Nearly 20 years of be a sub, and this arse fucking experience was the best ever!

My legs and body were shaking, close to cumming at any minute, but Mistress kept going and kept me on edge. Like the previous session, I had multiple leg/body shaking arsegasms before eventually Mistress let me release! A huge explosion of sticky slave juice, all over me! And yes, you know i was made to eat that all up!

I lay for a few minutes, trying to compute what has just happened! I ask if Mistress if ok, she checks I’m ok and then she removes the needles, unchains me and i head off for a shower.

This one left me in a happy sub space for the week after, I was floating on cloud 9!

In two sessions, Mistress had turned me into an arse slut of a slave!


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