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March – May 2018

So the last few months have been very very busy for me, where on earth do I start.

March started with an amazing photo shoot with Silk Girl Photography, I had so much fun on the day.

The shoot took place at the Ess and Emm dungeon in Banbury. The dungeon gave my photos a great back drop, the equipment gently peeking through in the back ground.

Katie and Hamish from Silk Girl Photography were amazing to work with. They really know what they are doing. With a little direction from them, they were able to capture some great pictures. Some of which I am sure you all have seen on my website and social media.

March also started my first sessions at Kink Lime. Was lovely to work with Goddess Asha and Miss Harpsichord, boy the slave’s who attended had no idea what they were in for!! Lol

End of march another Club Black Whip, it’s always nice to catch up with the mistresses there and find amusement from the slave’s .

And also club pedestal, played with slaves I know and meet a few new ones.

First week in April, I took a trip to Paris with my personal slave, and my fist time playing abroad. The weather was fantastic spent lots of time being served wine by the pool.

Last week in April – New York and Connecticut. This trip was both business and pleasure. My first time in Connecticut, I stayed with Master Mandy and her slave pig boy. They have an amazing dungeon in their basement and hold really entertaining parties.

I attended an afternoon tea party in New York with Master Mandy hosted by Mistress Bell. Being the only English person at the party, all eyes were on me for correct etiquette. With constant questions asking if this is how they do it in the UK! Lol

We were served by a number of slaves at the party was a perfect Femdom day.

After the tea we rushed back to the society in Connecticut. This is one on the only places in Connecticut that you can play. There were a great mix of people inside.

Earlier in the day they had hosted a queers party, so their were a number of people still there. There is a massive space inside, with lots of play areas. Trouble is everyone wants to play, so we had to wait for a space to become available.

Master Mandy played with her slave first, and my eyes lit up because she was using a toy I had never seen before. A whip made up of rubber roles. The sound it made when it connected with her slaves skin was electrifying, and the marks it made!!! Beautiful. Sadly it’s one of a kind and the person who made it does not make toys anymore.

I got to try it out on my slave, and 3 weeks later he still had the marks on his body!

My fist time riding on a Harley Davidson, of course I had to do this in full leathers, after all I am a leather girl lol trouble is, now I want one!

It’s the second week in May now and I’m getting over the worst cold I’ve ever had in my life. Can’t complain, I’ve had a cracking 2 months.

Here are some pics of the last few months in no particular order.

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