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Mistress Lorraine

About Me

My name is Mistress Lorraine.  I am based in Chelmsford, Essex and London, you may call me Mistress or Goddess.

My gym toned body is strong, supple and feminine, with a never tiring right arm. Your praise and devotion are my natural birthright.

Walking down a city street there is no doubting my dominant personality. Men naturally defer to me in all situations.

As an alpha female I have a rich personal life that includes many interests outside the realm of kink. But I also enjoy many things in the BDSM world!

The tribute for a sessions are as follows:

1 Hour
1 Hour
1.5 Hours
1.5 Hours
2 Hours
2 Hours
3 Hours
3 Hours
4 Hours
4 Hours


sub nigel

Thank you very much for the session this afternoon, it was exciting and a lot of fun ! It felt like we had good chemistry and shared interests.

I tried to be as obedient was possible, so I really hope you enjoyed the session too ?

The caning was reaching my limits for today, but very determined to please you and proud I made it through, but I’m sure you will push me harder next time.

I actually surprised myself how much I enjoyed licking your boots, especially the soles and loved you smiling down on me – I really felt like a dog/puppy 🙂

slave garth

Thank you so much for our session last night, it was unbelievable amazing! You were right I did smile when I saw the marks this morning.

I will definitely be booking another session to try more new things with you soon.

no 1 slave

What a magnificent woman you are. Full of femininity. Make up, hair and nails, perfect. Dresses and skirts worn so elegantly. Seams so straight. Heels just the right height.

Makes me fall to my knees, the pictures show how slim you are. Such a perfect figure.

You whipped and beat me, tortured me to orgasm. Looking into my eyes to ease my pain.

The first time you’ve allowed me to cum. Amazing.

What a woman. What a Mistress. What a friend.

I love you ferociously.

I’m glad you’ve allowed me into your life. I’m a proper slave to a proper Mistress once again. Couldn’t be more proud!

slave daz

The weekend before Christmas brought me the ultimate present, the opportunity to meet and serve this awesome, beautiful and powerful Mistress. A strong intellectual humorous personality, it is impossible to resist her power and will. She is the purveyor of pain and pleasure in equal measures if you fulfil her wishes, you will be moulded to her will. You will be intoxicated by her power and beauty, which will leave you on your knees and willingly submitting to her female supremacy. Learning how to be a good submissive with her expert guidance was the perfect cure for the winter blues. The memory of that Christmas session has kept me going in the troubled times with the hope that one day I would get to serve this beautiful and powerful mistress one again. It was the best early Christmas present a submissive sub could ever wish for.


slave mike

Thank you for a wonderful session as always. Great to be back I will always worship Mistress. You look stunning and dominant as always. Your slave to use all ways.

french toy

500 days already, 500 days since I had the honor to meet, admire, and succumb to the charm of Mistress Lorraine. From now on, no more than one hour without a thought for Her, a dream or a memory of Her superiority has been living in me, captivating me and carrying me away.
She is tall, Her legs are endless and incredible. She is very tall by Her beauty which is matched only by Her generosity, Her intelligence and Her superiority. A natural superiority that leaves you speechless, gives you chills, and makes you fall to your knees.
Finally at Her feet, you will discover thousands of Mistress Lorraine’s, all more divine than the others: sadistic, smiling, cruel, cheerful, terrifying, playful, haughty, incredibly beautiful and desirable. You will succumb again and again to each of them and very quickly you will not want more than one goal:- To Love Her, admire Her, worship Her, pamper Her and transform all Her desires into orders like the only Queen that She will become in your eyes, in the eyes of the whole world.
Meeting Mistress Lorraine is opening up a magical, unforgettable, intense universe that you can never leave.

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This is the official website of Mistress Lorraine

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