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Cellmate Chastity Cage – The App Controlled Device

The new Cellmate chastity cage has taken chastity device technology to a new level. The CB-X and Holy Trainer cages made waves when they were released and with the introduction of control over the lock via a phone app the Cellmate now offers the wearer and keyholder options that weren’t previously available. It’s incredibly exciting and all sounds very promising, but does it actually work? Does this new device really do everything that it claims?

Mistress K and slave D at the House of Denial chastity website obtained the Cellmate chastity kit and ran it through a series of tests to see if this promising device is the answer many of us have been looking for.

The Cellmate cage

Chastity is central to our kink play. We’ve used a Holy Trainer and a few different metal cages for a few years now during our chastity play sessions and female led relationship. All of the cages we use are ball trap kits that have a cage and back ring. The Cellmate is the same.

The cage section, available in regular or long sizes, is made from polycarbonate, which is strong but still lightweight. The cage weighs only 65 grams, and considering it contains bluetooth connectivity, a hidden battery and the cage portion we think that’s very impressive.

The finish on the cage is smooth, doesn’t have any sharp edges that could cause injury and doesn’t bulge too much when worn under clothing. The grey finish is aesthetically pleasing and the hidden battery, which lasts for around 8-10 months before it needs to be replaced, doesn’t get in the way. It’s also waterproof, so you can shower while wearing it.

The back rings

Unlike some chastity kits the Cellmate includes 2 back rings in different sizes. The rings have internal diameters of 47mm and 51mm, so you get to experiment with the right size that you’ll find comfortable for long term wear if you’re usually locked for extended periods.

The rings are made from zinc alloy, which is robust and smooth. Again, there are no sharp edges, so they’re safe to wear. 

The gap between the ring and cage when they’re connected together is quite small, which might present a problem if you have a large ballsack. From our experience the smaller gap makes the cage more secure and far more difficult to pull out of.

Free Qiui App

The best feature of the Cellmate is the free app, which can be downloaded and used on iOS or Android phones. Downloading the app is very easy and the setup process is made easier with the instruction manual that’s included with the kit in the box. The guide is written in English and includes pictures that will guide you step by step.

Once you have the app downloaded you need to sign up for a free account. This will give you a unique user ID, which you’ll need if you have a keyholder. With the account setup you pair the cage to your phone through bluetooth to release the locking pin. You can now fit the cage and start using it.

From this point you have multiple options:

  1. Self lock and manual release
  2. Self timed lock
  3. Authorise a keyholder to take control over the lock

To self lock you simply fit the rings and cage then slide the locking pin into place. When you hear a click the device is locked and you’re ready to go. To release the lock you simply click on the unlock button on the app and within seconds the locking pin will be released. Easy, right?

Another great feature of the app is the timed lock. Slide the lock into place like normal then set the amount of time you want to remain locked on the app. Once you accept the amount of time you’ve set the lock won’t release until the time expires. Be warned, there’s no way to override the timer until it ends, so make sure you really want to remain locked for that amount of time.

Finally, and this is the best feature in our option, you can authorise another app user to take control of the lock. Once your chosen keyholder has signed up for an account you can search for them using their user ID, send a friend request then authorise them to control the lock when they accept your request.

Does it work?

Yes, it does. We tested the app thoroughly in different locations and it unlocked with the click of a button every time. 

The cage is comfortable and you forget you’re wearing it in no time. Passing over control to a keyholder (in the same way we used to by handing over a physical key before) is incredibly exciting and enabling the lock to be released from anywhere in the world is a great option for any pro-dommes offering online chastity keyholding.

Available now at the House of Denial

Mistress K and slave D are a lifestyle kink couple who run the House of Denial website, which we started in 2016, selling a range of chastity devices for all budgets and in different styles. We’re very excited to add the Cellmate to our collection, which is available to buy now for only £119.99. Get your Cellmate chastity cage at in regular or long sizes.

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