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Madame Caramel and I

January 2018

January 2018 started with a bang!!

5th of January, Club Black Whip was the first event I attended this year. Hosted by Madame Caramel. I really enjoyed this event, it was great to see other black mistresses in action. I had a hard play with Chris my number 1 slave as usual and Madame Caramel couldn’t help but join in towards the end! Lol I love what we do…

7th January I attended LAM with Chris and my sister. My sister knows what I do and was intrigued, so I thought it would be great to take her along. As I expected her eyes were wide open as soon as we walked through the door, she was so excited about the toys and what they do.

My number 1 slave bought me a smaller dildo, a hand flicker and my favorite seamed stockings from What Katie Did.

8th January myself and Chris were invited to the Xanadu Society XS Soiree. This was an interesting night because I lost my voice which made it very hard to socialize at what was a munch, so Chris had to do the talking for me!!

11th January, I met with slave Steve for a drink and quick bite to eat at the Catch Bar in Liverpool Street. He bought me a number of new canes and bath bombs made locally in Cambridge.

12th January I was taken to lunch by my number 1 slave and his slave friend Steve. We ate at Yauatcha City in Liverpool Street, food was delicious can not wait to eat there again.

13th January I attended the Zara Du Rose, Seven Seas of Pleasure event at La Scala. I met Jane Harris (TV) and had the chance to cane her and my number 1 slave.

14th January, met with a trouser wetter slave in Chingford, to help him wet himself in public, that was very funny and humiliating for him lol.

19th January, my number 1 slave bought me some new items from Honour. Love being treated x.

24th January I had my first doubles sessions with Mistress Louisa in Hoddesdon. One of the sessions was an extreme strap-on play, very enjoyable for us and the slave.

25th January attended Club Pedestal as a guest of Derek. Met with slave Jon and beat him soundly with my favorite large belt.

27th January had my first session with new slave Matt, he was very keen to start his training. Also attended the Cruel Huntress Party at the Murder Mile Studios in Walthamstow.

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