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February 2018

I could really get used to this life…

1st February, met with slave Matt and number 1 slave at the Libidex pop up sale. Lot of rubber was bought for me between the 2 of them. We went for drinks after at Dirty Martinis in Angel.

4th February I had a hotel session in Waterloo with slave Patrick, was a great 2 hours for me ( and him). Attended LAM after and met with my friend David. Was an enjoyable afternoon, lots of drinks bought for me.

7th February, 2 sessions in the Hoddesdon dungeon.

14th February I was taken for valentines dinner by my number 1 slave at Claridges, Food was amazing.

17th February I attended Rubber Cult, Chatted with Ava Von Medisin, Save Ray, Tony and Paula from Ess and Emm. I’m beginning to fall in love with rubber lol.

23rd February, was my first time attending Club Femdom, with my new love for rubber I wore my new red dress and horseshoe boots. Had a great cane session with number 1 slave Chris, 1st time using my big boy cane in public. It had a great reaction.

24th February I had a 2 hour session with Slave Omar from Tel Aviv, lots of CBT and caning.

25th February, I spent the day on my number 1 slave’s canal boat.

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