Session review

I have been owned by Mistress since August, where I had my first session post quitting kink for 8-9 months.

The journey already has been amazing

But due to lockdown, we hadn’t sessioned for a while.

For this one, 17/5/20, mistress had me pick up some used items a week ahead of the session and I had daily tasks to do with them. This, in addition to a 3 week release ban, just heightened my senses and submissive nature to a level I’m never known before!

Mistress open the door and my jaw hit the floor – she looked insanely perfect! Over the knee boots, tights, short skirt and a top to show her perfect boobs and she looked absolutely stunning!

After stripping – I was ordered to lay on the floor with my head in the smoother box.

Mistress then tightened the box and sat on it… there she was, her perfect bum and legs, on my face, so close to her, her smell was perfect!

She then told me to Kiss her arse and said I could touch her legs.

There I was, without release, heightened submissive feelings, so so close to mistress!

She then added the used items into the box, covering my face and nose.

She controlled my breathing with her arse – it a little getting used to – but once I was, the experience was incredible!

My breathing controlled and I could just smell and taste her used underwear!

As this player out, she rubbed her glorious nails over me, teasing me, all my body and cock… and then she found my nipples… her nails so sharpe, I’m certain she could if pierced my nipples..

The experience was incredible!

After she was happy with my breathing control – I was strapped into the bench.. arse high in the air

It’s been some time since I’ve done anal… but what mistress wants, she gets – I know longer request anything, it’s agreed it’s full submission, and I love it, the surprises, the journey, the unknowns..

Mistress made me inhale poppers and I was away..

She started with her fingers, warming me up… then when she was happy, the first strap on…

The sensations goi f through me – mind blowing.

Then she said, it’s time for the bigger cock…

One of mistresses many skills is warming an arse hole up..

So she swapped cocks, applied some more lube, and went to work…

And I just wanted to please her… so I took the whole cock


I could feel it stretching me, pushing me inside… it was insane!

Lube and spit was used regularly – and poppers topped up..

And mistress fucked my arse for 20-25 mins -my head was spinning, I felt like I was going to cum… I wanted it to stop but didn’t, the sensation overload was incredible!

Mistress even said this was so hot she got excited and lost in the moment..

I was unstrapped and told to worship her feet and legs – whilst doing this, mistress stroked my head, gave me a teasing relaxing rub of her nails…

Right there – I don’t think I’ve ever been happier as a sub!

I thought that was the end – no cumming and was expecting to be told to shower

But mistress said she was pleased with me and I could cum..

So on my knees in front of her, I started to wank…

During the sessions I’m trying my hardest not to cum so when it comes to be allowed, it takes some time…

Mistress then started to play with my nipples and pushed my head into her chest..

And I released an untold amount of juice all over the floor..

Mistress said I was such a good boy I didn’t need to lick it up this time..

I was a shaking mess – the session was absolutely incredible, up there with my best ever in 20 years – a combination of lock down absence and our relationship being so strong and open played a massive part in this.

I can’t thank mistress enough – I love her to bits

Nails, facesit/re breath and being an arse slut are new fav Kinks of mine – as mistress is training me in these !

Love your cuck

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