Deep submission

I have been owned by mistress for nearly a year now and our last session, July 21, was just mind blowing!

In the lead up to sessions, mistress has me complete tasks and homework, which are designed to keep me in a heightened state of arousal & submission!

Arriving this day, mistress looked so powerful, even more beautiful than I’ve ever known her

I was order to strip and get onto her bench

I was restrained and then mistress started to work my nipples and tease my cock..

Poppers and used underwear were introduced keep me right at the edge – then she pierced both my nipples… something which mistress loves to do to mine!

Mistress mentioned there were a few surprises in store for me today and that she hoped I was ready

Over the past few months, mistress has spoken about me sucking cock for her, as she finds it the ultimate form of submission….

But before I knew it, electrics came out and my cock and balls were put to the test!

Whilst restrained, her incredible nails teasing my skin and pierced nipples, spit dropping into my mouth, poppers being topped up whilst covered in a number of used items!

Mistress then removed the needles, untied me and told me to crawl to the next room

I was informed to get onto the fucking bench where she began to douche me!

After I was clean, mistress then began to work my hole, small and slowly at first before working her way up to a very sizeable strap on..

Of course she kept me topped up on poppers and after my 3rd leg shaking arsegasm, mistress said I deserved a treat..

I was told to get up and knee in the middle of the floor

I could then hear mistress speaking to someone else and a few seconds later, a BBC of a fine specimen of a slave was inches from my face..

Mistress told me to look at it, to smell it and to get ready…

He was wearing one of those cock rings, the bbc was bulging!

She then started to move my face closer, told me to start kissing it, licking it..

I resisted at first, but she pushed me forward and after a few moments, I resisted no more – it’s what I wanted to do, suck BBC to please and entertain my mistress!

Mistress talked me through it, encouraged me, even spat on the bbc to provide lube

I was then put back in the fucking bench..

The bbc in front of me and mistress and her sizeable strap on behind me..

She wanted me to be spit roasted and she wanted me to make him cum with just my mouth!

Never have I been more owned then this moment – my hole being stretched and deeply fucked, and my first bbc in my mouth… my head and body were all over the place!

I was shaking as mistress fucked me deep and hard..

I could here the bbc getting close, mistress asked him to confirm and then he exploded in my mouth, and I took it all, not a drop split, to please my mistress

Mistress pulled her cock out and the BBC was there, sack empty still inches away from my face – this is when I knew, this is my life from now on.. mistress left it there for a few minutes, I wanted it gone, but it’s all part of her acceptance planning, she ran her nails over my back, giving me words of encouragement… she was very pleased

The bbc was dismissed and I was ordered to the floor

I gave mistress some boot, foot and leg worship…

And then she put me in the face sitting box – the used items on my face and she sat on top… I was so close to her but yet so far away, the smell was incredible and she was literally controlling my breath with her arse, her fine arse !!

Because I done so well today, I was allowed to make myself cum… after 3 hours of being close to cumming,
I gave myself an incredible release… and yes it was all force fed to me

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