Caged & denied

Mistress had me complete locktober and our session was 29th October, still within the time frame of locktober!

In the week or two lead up to the session, mistress had me complete some mind blowing home work, sniffing and licking used items, voice notes received and some anal play!

My head was a mess, never done locktober before and it broke me, broke my last few percent of male ego, gone, done and fully submissive!

I arrived at the dungeon, cock caged and was told to strip and get ready for a douche

Once cleaned, once sorted, I was strapped on top of the cage, blind folded and topped up on poppers

Mistress the teased me – rubbing her nails over me, whispering in my ear her plans for me and how I’m just her Cuck slave!

Something was then applied to my balls and Nipples, it felt cold and tingling, but wasn’t sure what it was, but then I felt eclectic shocks in my scrotum and nipples, some hard paid was experienced!

Then she cleaned my nipples and said, u know why I’m cleaning your nipples right ? Of course I did, I know mistress loves to pierce them! She has a thing for this, but she said, I’m putting 3 in each!

And as sure as that, 6 needles were inserted through my nipples !

After I calmed down and another top up of poppers… she then zapped my nipples again.. but this time, the needles acted as a electric conductor – my god that hurt!

I was then instructed to get up, leave the needles in as she wants to fuck me with them there !

I was still blind folded – but I could smell mistress and still knew how hot and powerful she was!

I was put on my back, onto the bench.. legs chained in the air… topped on poppers and her dirty used nickers placed on my face

The sensory overload was insanely hot – but she had yet to start on my arse hole…

She started to work my hole and before long, her cock was in, fucking me hard

My cock, with my 2 inch hard on, trying to burst out the cage, pre cum leaking every where – what a huge head spin, couldn’t get hard, whilst having multiple leg shaking arsegasms!

My legs could stop shaking – it felt like I was going to explode, but I couldn’t, as my cock was locked and couldn’t get fully hard!

After what felt like my 10th leg shaking, mistress then took a large plug and started to really stretch me… wider then ever before

And that’s when she confirmed – no cum for me today, in fact, the traditional release in sessions will no longer apply to me – I’ll have to either learn to cum via arse play, or cum whilst caged – if not, no cum for me

And did I mind? Not one but – pleasing mistress is all that matters x

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