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no 1 slave

What a magnificent woman you are. Full of femininity. Make up, hair and nails, perfect. Dresses and skirts worn so elegantly. Seams so straight. Heels just the right height.

Makes me fall to my knees, the pictures show how slim you are. Such a perfect figure.

You whipped and beat me, tortured me to orgasm. Looking into my eyes to ease my pain.

The first time you’ve allowed me to cum. Amazing.

What a woman. What a Mistress. What a friend.

I love you ferociously.

I’m glad you’ve allowed me into your life. I’m a proper slave to a proper Mistress once again. Couldn’t be more proud!

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This is the official website ofΒ Mistress Lorraine

This is the official website ofΒ Mistress Lorraine

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