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500 days already, 500 days since I had the honor to meet, admire, and succumb to the charm of Mistress Lorraine. From now on, no more than one hour without a thought for Her, a dream or a memory of Her superiority has been living in me, captivating me and carrying me away.
She is tall, Her legs are endless and incredible. She is very tall by Her beauty which is matched only by Her generosity, Her intelligence and Her superiority. A natural superiority that leaves you speechless, gives you chills, and makes you fall to your knees.
Finally at Her feet, you will discover thousands of Mistress Lorraine’s, all more divine than the others: sadistic, smiling, cruel, cheerful, terrifying, playful, haughty, incredibly beautiful and desirable. You will succumb again and again to each of them and very quickly you will not want more than one goal:- To Love Her, admire Her, worship Her, pamper Her and transform all Her desires into orders like the only Queen that She will become in your eyes, in the eyes of the whole world.
Meeting Mistress Lorraine is opening up a magical, unforgettable, intense universe that you can never leave.
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This is the official website ofΒ Mistress Lorraine

This is the official website ofΒ Mistress Lorraine

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